Valley of Doors

Exquisite design since 2015.

What is Valley of Doors?

Valley of Doors doesn't specialize in anything, so we do everything.

Our founder had so many ideas he made a name that doesn't mean anything, so that he could use it for all his projects.

What we do.

What we have for you to use.


We have our own TeamSpeak server set up! You can join at


We have our own vanilla Minecraft server set up! Come play at

Web Development

We make websites! Scroll down for information.

We make websites.

We make simple websites and WordPress themes.

This is one of the best websites we have ever made, so you can expect this level of quality.

Visit this page for more information.

How can I talk to you?

We are always open to talk to you! Send a message to if you want to chat!

We may not always reply to your emails, but we definitely read them!